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11 yr Torwind Whistle (By Janet Carrick)

Lambriggan Laddy of Torwind -


Tor (photo by Ray Hood)

Broc ( Syncerus Sker at Torwind)

Alfie(photo by Ray Hood)

Blacheborne Alfie Torwind 2 years

Jazz and Alfie Oct 2013

Torwind Time to Tango-3rd generation

Torwind Rock Solid- 4th generation

Torwind Tallulah- 4th generation tri pup

Torwind What a Gem

Madam Sorrell of Torwind- 1st generation















We are family run KC Assured Breeders of English Springer Spaniels, based in Suffolk , having bred liver/white, black/white and tri colour pups from our 'DNA health tested clear and BVA eye tested' .boys and girls.





Our dogs come from good working,field trial winning and champion lines and their pups are suitable for both working and pet homes.



All our dogs are DNA clear/ non carriers for Fucosidosis and PRA cord 1.






All pups bred here except Rosie's, who wasn't tested , are known to be 'Hereditary Clear'






All the dogs that we would breed from now, have Clear Eye Certificates at time of breeding and have all been Gonioscopy tested .








Our Studs : Woody and Alfie are DNA tested clear for Phosphofructokinase  deficiency (PFK)  so no pups sired by them, will ever be affected by this condition.


 Woody. Alfie and Tor  have  been Hip Scored with good results.

Woody 4/4=8

Alfie      3/5=8

Tor        4/5 =9



 BROC  is health tested to Kennel Club Assured Breeder requirements and is producing some stunning pups



Matching the right dog, to the right owner , at the right time is of the most importance to us















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These photos are of 4 generations of Torwind Spaniels and our stud dogs.









                                                                                                                                                                           5 5 of our spaniels carry the rare gene that can produce tri coloured spaniels. 


Alfie  is a tri colour and we also have his and Jazz son 'Tor' who is a tri colour too..


Our other 3 tri colour carriers are Woody, Tango and Jazz. 



Whistle or Jypsy were the original ones to bring it into our line.